Friday, January 17, 2014

CPBL Pseudo-Park Factors 2013

Thanks to Madboy for calculating the "Fake Park Factors" for the CPBL (Taiwan's professional baseball league) from 2004-11. The tongue-in-cheek name stems from that most CPBL teams lack a stadium in which they play all their home games. Using the same methodology, I derived the raw PFs for 2012-13. Since PFs require a three-year average, two if it's the most recent year, only the 2013 figures are for the moment. Madboy's disk crashed, so he is not able to give me the raw figures from 2011. I think it may be possible for me to derive more park-centric PFs in the future.

Team Pitching PF Batting PF
Brothers Elephants 0.987 0.995
Uni 7-Eleven Lions 1.021 0.982
Lamigo Monkeys 1.036 1.032
EDA Rhinos 0.991 0.978

2012 Lamigo Monkeys Batting PF 1.019 Pitching PF 1.021

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